Blackened corseca polearm

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A TherionArms exclusive, assembled in our workshop - these aren't for the lords up at the front of the parade on horseback in fancy engraved armor, they're for the 150 foot soldiers behind them.

Corseca are a variant of partisans - a long central spear blade with side-wings. You'll occasionally see it spelled "corseque", and even the experts can and will argue endlessly over whether any specific example is a corseca, spetum, or ranseur; and our Bolognese friends call these a spiedo. (Polearm terminology is fun!)

Iron weapons for iron warriors, sharp and mounted on hand-tapered sturdy ash staves, individually custom-fitted with epoxy reinforcement and decorative brass nails.

overall length: 7'
head: 17"
head material: blackened high-carbon steel
wingspan: 7 1/2"
shaft: 1 1/4" ash
weight: 3 lb 3.0 oz

Available are corseca, bills, winged spears, and 14th century halberds.

Price: $160

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