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Fine reproduction arms and armor
page updated / information current 03/22/18

news 03/22/18: recent updates - Kingston Arms tournament longsword (featured 03/22), Viking round shield (featured 03/17), Irish longsword (featured 03/15), Kingston Arms katzbalger (new, added 03/06), Medieval field axe (fresh pictures 02/20), Valsgarde 5 helmet (fresh pictures 02/10).

Please see the News Updates page for older announcements.

Recent updates
Tournament longsword
Kingston Arms
featured 03/22
Viking round shield
round shield
featured 03/17
Irish longsword
featured 03/15
Kingston Arms katzbalger
Kingston Arms
new, added 03/06
Medieval field axe
field axe
fresh pictures 02/20
Valsgarde 5 helmet
Valsgarde 5
fresh pictures 02/10
Milanese gauntlets with suede gloves
Milanese gauntlets
with suede gloves
fresh pictures 12/30
Cotton padded leather mittens
Cotton padded
leather mittens
fresh pictures 12/30
Christmas knight
Merry Christmas to all
and to all
a Good Knight!
Early Scottish broadsword
Early Scottish
new, added 12/24
Sword of Robert the Bruce
Sword of
Robert the Bruce
new, added 12/23
Atrim arming sword type XVIII
Kingston Arms
Atrim arming sword
type XVIII
new, added 12/22
Hero's battleaxe
Hero's battleaxe
new, added 12/21
Man-at-arms German messer
German messer
new, added 12/20
Man-at-arms gothic mace
gothic mace
new, added 12/19
Tinker Pearce bastard sword - fullered blade
Tinker Pearce
bastard sword
fullered blade
new, added 12/18
WWI Welsh trench knife
WWI Welsh
trench knife
singular, added 12/17
Anglo-Saxon shield boss - polished
shield boss
new, added 12/16
Anglo-Saxon shield boss - blackened
shield boss
new, added 12/15
Ring-guard German longsword
German longsword

new, added 12/14
early 14th century longsword
early 14th century

new, added 12/13
M1881 Imperial Russian shashka
M1881 Imperial
Russian shashka

new, added 12/12
Leather gauntlets
Leather gauntlets
singular, added 12/11
$35 w/free shipping
Sueded leather gauntlets
leather gauntlets
singular, added 12/10
$35 w/free shipping
Custom Bolognese sidesword
Bolognese sidesword
singular, added 12/09
Patinated rondel dagger
rondel dagger
singular, added 12/08
Stage Combat / HEMA / SCA C&T longsword
Stage Combat /

new, added 12/07
Indo-Persian dhal / sipar buckler
dhal / sipar
singular, added 12/06
Indestructible tomahawk waster
tomahawk waster

new, added 12/05
M1833 Texas Dragoon saber
Texas Dragoon saber
124th regiment

new, added 12/04
Broad blade hewing spear
Broad blade
hewing spear

new, added 12/03
Shallow dish shield boss
Shallow dish
shield boss
new, added 12/02
Rebated knightly dagger
knightly dagger
new, added 12/01
Open face celata helmet
Open face
celata helmet
new, added 11/30
Customized quilted coat of plates
Customized quilted
coat of plates
singular, added 11/29
Rustic heavy arming sword
Rustic heavy
arming sword
new, added 11/28
Fist buckler
Fist buckler
new, added 11/27
Viking spectacle spangenhelm
Viking spectacle
new, added 11/26

Samples and Singulars

Singular items - just one of each is available.
WWI Welsh trench knife
WWI Welsh
trench knife
Custom Bolognese sidesword
Bolognese sidesword
Sueded leather gauntlets
leather gauntlets
$35 w/free shipping
Leather Viking helmet
Viking helmet

Leather gauntlets
Leather gauntlets
$35 w/free shipping


These items have been discontinued by their manufacturers. Only a limited number are still available.
Heater shield
Heater shield
on closeout
Italian visored bascinet
visored bascinet
on closeout
Circa 1400 war sword
Circa 1400
war sword
on closeout
Leather waster frog
waster frog

on closeout

Howdy, folks. My name is Hal Siegel, but I've been known as Therion in the medieval and renaissance re-enactment community and various internet communities since 1982 (yes, I really did have internet access back then - via Arpanet and Bitnet).

For over thirty-five years I've been an arms and armor collector, researcher, and student of both oriental and western martial arts. At the beginning of 2001 I decided that it was time to make my hobbies and passions into my business - thus began TherionArms, offering a hand-picked selection of what I think are the most interesting and well-made historical reproductions, as well as antique weaponry from around the world.

Here at TherionArms, you will receive personal service from a professional who as been studying (and using!) weapons and armor for decades, not some shop monkey in a warehouse who doesn't know anything about swords and armor except for the stock number. Every item I ship I personally inspect, approve, and securely package myself.

Standard delivery time for Antique & Ethnographic items is usually about one week, for Reproduction items is usually a week but may be up to two or three weeks. Occasionally my Reproduction manufacturers can't keep up with the demand and I'll have to place your request on backorder. For items on backorder, your Verisign Visa/Mastercard purchase will not be charged until shipment is nigh.

Payment methods: Credit cards accepted via PayPal or Verisign Visa/Mastercard through the shopping cart, or by phone: toll free 855-77-THERION (855-778-4374). Personal checks, bank checks, and money orders can be mailed to TherionArms -- PO Box 187 -- Del Valle, TX, 78617.

The shopping cart system can be used to check shipping rates for check or money order purchases - the payment page comes after the shipping information page.

The Government requires that I collect a sales tax of 8.25% for any item shipped to a Texas address. The shopping cart or PayPal will include that for you automatically, podnuh.

This isn't just a business, it's a passion, and I'm confident that you'll be happy with my products. Please check my eBay feedback (860+!) or ask on any sword or armor forum message board for references. Satisfaction guaranteed or return within two weeks in original condition for full refund less exact shipping charges. I don't believe in "restocking fees", they're mean and impersonal. Note that this does not apply to armor and accessories purchased right around Halloween - sorry, we're not a costume rental shop.

A purchase indicates that you have read and agree to The Fine Print detailed at the bottom of the Ordering page.

TherionArms isn't a giant mega-corporation with a call center and dozens of employees scuttling about in a huge warehouse (yet). Emails and phone calls will be answered as soon as possible, but please be patient if I don't get back to you right away - there's so much work to be done!

mini FAQ:
"Are your swords 'battle ready'?"
I never use that term, it's completely bogus. All of the swords and weapons on TherionArms are real, historic, and fully functional (sharps or blunts) - and if I offer a wall-hanger because it's inadvertently nifty because the manufacturer got something very right. Decorative/wallhangers are clearly labeled as such.

"I live in (Texas, somewhere near Austin) - do you have a storefront I can visit?"
Nope, sorry, TherionArms is mailorder only. I do, however on occasion, meet up with folks in Austin for local deliveries - usually somewhere near a theater I'm working at (that's my other profession - theater tech).

Informal list of films and TV shows I've supplied:
Alexander the Great, Earthsea, The Collector, Reign, From Dusk till Dawn

All shipments from TherionArms may contain trace amounts of cat fur. Sorry, can't help it.

trace amounts of cat fur
(RIP Missy, the original "trace amounts" kitty, but we still have eight other cats
who are happy to donate loose fur to your shipment.)